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Coaching is a thought-provoking process that helps you to produce extraordinary results in any dimension of life and to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

I will support you throughout this journey towards achieving a specific career goal or goals chosen by you at the beginning of the coaching program.

Dare to design the life you want and achieve excellence!

When you change on the inside, your reality on the outside changes.

Ready for a transformation?



My coaching style is very democratic and intuitive. I give loads of space and freedom to my clients for reflection and introspection that allows them to tap deeply into themselves.

I trust and follow my intuition by asking powerful questions, and applying visualizations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools that provoke a broader spectrum of perspectives and ultimately lead to new solutions.


In my work, I take an integrative approach:


professional - including Emotional Intelligence & aligned with  ICF standards  (I am PCC ICF Certified)

therapeutical - using Neuro Linguistic Programming tools & Energy Healing Techniques (LNT)

spiritual - applying astrology and human design

Confident Businesswoman


It will give you loads of guidance about how to strategically plan your actions, step by step fulfilling your career dreams, however before doing so I will let you to tap into your: true potential, natural operating system, values, beliefs, vision and your north star.

I will invite you to assess your mindset, the opportunities you are having and possible roadblocks and limitations that are holding you back. We will work together on transforming those limiting thoughts into a fuel & a strategy that empowers you & puts you forward.

In the last phase of the coaching program we will establish a sustainable routine/ habits that will support you in maintaining a desired state and your long term success. 

Make your progress today and complete those 3 short exercises 


Boost Your Career Program (3-6 months)

Create Your Business Program (3-6 months)

Those are  121 tailor-made coaching programs aligned to your needs and discussed in detail during a free consultation ( my methodology is based on: ICF professional coaching with NLP, Emotional Intelligence & spirituality ).

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