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Magdalena Tatarczewska

My personal story

I am an Entrepreneur, ICF Certified Coach, Emotional Intelligence Analyst and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner with over 10 years of Business and Leadership experience in the technology space. 


Over the last five years, I've developed a passion for spiritual science, including astrology, human design, and energy healing.  


In my coaching practice, I utilize these practices to support my clients in multiple ways.


My focus is on finding their new career path, enhancing their leadership abilities, expanding their coaching businesses, and working with their mindset to achieve personal and professional growth.  Coach Foundation has recognized my expertise in emotional intelligence by selecting me as a top coach.


I currently live in the lovely, sunny city of Barcelona, Spain, with my faithful companion and work buddy, Sando, my dog :) 

I was raised in Poland and after living/studying/working in 5 different countries across the EU my identity has been widely influenced by various cultural blends that I simply consider myself a resident of Europe.

I am open to working with anyone in: Polish, English, or Spanish regardless of gender, nationality, or religion.


People Who Inspire Me The Most: 


My Mother: Her strength and unconditional love gives me inspiration.

Martyna Wojciechowska: I am most inspired by the courageous way she is empowering women around the world

Joe Dispenza, Ekhart Tolle & Bruce Lipton- for their profound discoveries and views on neuroscience & spirituality 


One Of My Favourite Quotes reads:

“You can be vulnerable and still be powerful.

You can have a gentle heart, but still be rock solid at your core.

You can be as gentle as a breeze, but as fierce as a dragon.

The best people always embody both sides." - Matthew Hussey


In my free time I enjoy: traveling, riding a bicycle, running, playing with my dog, and cooking, I am a pescatarian btw 😊

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