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Phoenix Stories - My personal transformations

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

What does the phoenix symbolize?

Phoenix is associated with the Greek methodology, being an immortal bird that was raised from ashes.

It is a symbol of immortality, spiritual rebirth, healing, renewal, and eternal fire.

Legend has it that the phoenix is a one-of-a-kind bird that lives for 500 years or more. When he approaches the end of his life, he makes a nest for himself. The phoenix then strikes his beak against a rock, which sparks flames. The magic of that is when he perishes in the flames, he is reborn again, rising from the ashes.

Accordingly, to legend, the phoenix possesses so much power that he can heal anything he touches and his ashes can bring the dead to life.

How do I connect phoenix with my personal story?

As I mentioned in the main section, I have been through several huge transformations in my life.

At the age of 16 I had this big car accident, actually, I was traveling with my family for a wedding of my cousin and it wasn’t meant for me to take part in the ceremony.

Fortunately, I was the only victim of this accident. In this whole misfortune, I was lucky not to end up in a wheelchair and it was close, as one of my stuck cervical bones broke.

This experience had me pinned down to the hospital bed for a month, followed by wearing a neck collar and months-long rehabilitation.

I still remember morning check-ups with the doctors calling me, lucky, pretty much every single day during my stay in the hospital. It was a miracle that the bone broke just millimeters away from the cervical spine which ultimately saved me from disability.

I remember lying on this bed and really wanting to go back to school and do some math exams which I hated at the time. The whole perspective changed while I was staring at the ceiling and then rolling to the right and left which was the maximum I could do.

This teenage experience was a breaking point in how I was living my life, from a serious young woman, overthinking her daily tasks, tests, and stressing out during tennis tournaments, I transformed into a person who truly enjoys life. And of course, there is still work to be done in this area.

I really felt like I was raised from the ashes just like the Phoenix did.

The whole perception of my daily struggles and worries changed, those little things did not matter anymore. I started focusing on the positive rather than thinking about what potentially could go wrong.

And looking back I think that it was a wake-up call for me and I needed this dramatic experience to learn how to appreciate and embrace more of what I have and simply live a happier life.

Another turning point in my life took place on March 13th, 2020, and yes when the whole pandemic started, I was in Tanzania without an internet connection trying to climb the highest peak of Africa, Kilimanjaro, being unaware of the whole severity of the situation with the pandemic.

We were after 5 days of walking with less and less oxygen in the air. I remember the summit night when we left the camp around midnight to be pretty tough not only because the air was already very thin at over 4.5 k meters but I felt that we'd been walking almost non-stop for the last few days. Additionally cold and wind did their job, especially affecting my feet so if you ever decide to climb Kilimanjaro Mountain get yourself proper hiking shoes for winter and a few layers of socks for mountaineering. Fortunately, my Friend Maciej saved me with the warming pads, Thank you Maciej ☺️

After 6 hours of walking around 6am finally the sunrise came. It was super magical not only because the temperature slightly increased and we came out from this darkness after 6 hours of walking but all of the sudden I had this huge realization that I need a significant change in my life as I came to the point where I was not living my true-life purpose anymore.

Those foggy thoughts came at some stage previously but this time the feeling was unbelievably strong and the inner voice so deep and loud saying to me that it cannot be ignored and this is a definite time for action.

And yes, we all managed to get to the top of Kilimanjaro, it was so beautiful ☺️

Shortly after coming back from my trip and btw it wasn’t easy, 2 rounds of flights were cancelled, and eventually it worked out for the 3rd time to come back safely to Barcelona I needed to start working on gaining clarity on my next career/life move.

This AHA moment I had in Tanzania could have not been ignored. I clearly understood after months of coaching that my mission is to support people in their transformation process to live fulfilling lives on their own terms and be the best expression of themselves similar to what I have been through myself.

This experience profoundly proved how much coaching can do for people so having this lived I decided to take on a new hat and bring the real good to the world.

And guess what?

I am here to help you achieve the same to Discover That Feeling And Your True Purpose!

Want long-lasting transformation?

Join my coaching program to unlock your hidden potential and live the life you desire!

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Unknown member
May 13, 2022

Beautiful image of Phoenix and amazing stories! Can't wait to be coached by you!😍-Carol

Replying to

Thank you Carol :) happy to hear that

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